August 2nd, 2018 Press Conference at New Haven City Hall.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim give the history of CTBIG3BALLOUT! and provide details for August 4-5th events.

The tournament is one more part of a strategy to help keep young people engaged and productive during the summer season. Complementing the CB3B tournament will be a festival of food, fun, and music on the New Haven Green on both Saturday and Sunday.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to this year’s CTBig3BallOut! On behalf of all New Haven residents, I hope the players, families, friends, and fans here for the tournament from Hartford, Bridgeport, and Waterbury have a sensational time!

New Haven is delighted to once again host this high-energy, fantastically fun, three-on-three basketball tournament. Now in its fourth year, this two-day, four-city basketball bonanza has become the very definition of friendly, spirited competition among young people of all ages.

Our four cities come together to organize this unique programming; I’m so grateful to all who make these tournaments so successful year after year.

I can’t yet predict which team – or which city – will earn victory in each age group this year. But I can tell you there will be serious competition, spirited games, model sportsmanship, and great enthusiasm among everyone.

This tournament helps young people learn about working together and teamwork. Competing against teams from other cities also helps them learn they’re part of a bigger picture – that young people in other parts of Connecticut are very much like they are, with comparable talent, ambition, and challenges.

The CTBig3BallOut builds community within each delegation of basketball teams and builds community among young people from different cities as well. To give you an idea how much weight New Haven puts on this event, courts will be set up on Church Street – right across from the historic New Haven Greeand right in front of City Hall.

It’s a prominent place for teams to play, and a great place for everyone else to watch. Officials from each city agree this’ll be great fun: so once again, welcome to New Haven for the CTBig3BallOut!

Toni N. Harp, Mayor
City of New Haven

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